Incorporating Branding into Web Design

Rebranding, a marketing strategy that develops a new, differentiated identity, offers a great opportunity to strengthen the company’s presence and image in the minds of consumers, investors, competitors, and other stakeholders. However, the feel-good moment and insights could be fleeting if there is no output. Ideas, energy and raw material are wasted unless they are properly translated into well-designed user experiences. This is why it is essential to work with an interactive partner who is capable of creating valuable brand experiences through avenues such as web design.

Branding firms typically create (or recreate) a brand positioning strategy that your products and services can stand on – a platform that allows you to stand out from your competitors. Messaging, logo and identity design, and brand guidelines are then used to extend the client’s visual branding. This work might include re-engineering your website so that what is written, designed and developed can help your business accomplish specific goals. If not properly managed, clients working with branding firms may not be able to create ultimate design that has a consistent brand experience across all of its communications.

Over the years, as interactive media evolved, some branding agencies remained focused on their core areas of expertise. Some branding firms provide services for the design part of interactive media, maybe even User Experience design. But getting into new innovative ways to deliver online brand experiences like developing custom craft web design, content strategy, taxonomies, content types, databases, mobile, and CMS architecture is an entirely different ballgame.

So what happens if you are a nonprofit organization or institution that needs rebranding and redesign your website? How will you be able to work with a firm who can cater all your needs?

Most likely, you will have to contact another firm that provides assistance with the interactive media aspect. Your branding firm may recommend a web designing team but your choices would still be limited. You have the option to send out another Request For Proposal, but that would mean starting all over again with a new branding partner. Needless to say, your strategies, ideas, nuances you’ve uncovered, action plans that you came up after a lot of brainstorming, and whatever insights you might have are at risk of being lost in translation. You do have the option to collaborate with both the branding and the design team to develop ideas and strategies. Though this could bloat costs, it is more rewarding to achieve a meaningful and highly effective buyer persona for audiences.

As a result, the designing team is able to respond and execute more effectively since we are so in-tuned with the plans and thinking behind the brand experiences that must be designed to be delivered. We are able incorporate the things that make up the foundation of your brand and come up with designs that reflect and emphasize the important intrinsic qualities of the company. We design in context to guarantee that your brand and marketing strategies are integrated into a single core idea reflecting your vision, thus maximizing your graphic design and send out the right message to your customers.