Creating a Smart Home

The notion of smart house in the truest sense remains a couple of decades away, however as more devices become linked we are already able to appreciate some of its benefits. When undertaking home extensions or a new house build consider introducing these new technologies.  Here’s a little guide about the best way best to help your house move with the times by making it “smarter.”

What is a Smart Home?

Basically it is a home with integrated automation methods which enables us to control our home in various ways as a result of the net. By turning your house into a smart one, you have the ability to control appliances, light, temperature, multimedia programs, safety, windows and a wide variety of different functions. Be sure you to check with a managed it service provider on how to go about this process.

Can my house be smart too?

Obviously! Any home can develop into a smart house. You merely require a Wi-Fi connection that is strong enough to reach all of the devices you have in your house.

Getting started

Smart Lock

I knew you were coming over so I chose to purchase a couple of beers, a few sodas and something to bite on, so I’m arriving home with my arms full of grocery stores. Fantastic thing that I do not need to struggle to find the home keys; all I want to do is place my finger onto the lock to open the front door.

There are a couple of unique choices that are available that will allow you to open your doors with your finger or using a smartphone with a specific program. Among the better known choices around is Kevo, despite the fact that it’s also worth mentioning Tesa, since they’ve developed a similar system. But if you’re interested in finding a more cost efficient alternative, you could be considering looking at Sesame from Candy House.


Well, now that I was able to make it through the front entrance, I want to put everything away in the kitchen. Incidentally, as a result of my own smart refrigerator, I knew I just had two beers left until I went into the shop. Additionally, it reminded me I was running low on milk and that the yogurt I purchased last week was going to expire. Yes, all this is possible with the new generation of fridges. In the race to create such technologies Samsung (Family Hub) is clearly in the lead, together with LG coming up next. Its newest refrigerators contain touch screens and cameras indoors to scan your meals, documenting both the amount and its expiration date.

Multimedia centre

How about some music? This is just one smart device that I love. Bright loudspeakers let us get access to some audio content from any part of the property. With these multi-room programs, for example Teufel, we could listen to audio from various platforms like TuneIn or even Spotify.

Virtual Assistant

If I would like to turn on my stereo, all I need to do is ask Alexa, Amazon’s virtual helper. Alternatively, I might also use Google Home. Virtual assistants are just like a control centre for your home: all of your devices can be retrieved from one area and can be readily controlled with only your voice. Cloud computing security is something that should be considered when using a virtual assistant as they have access to all your connected appliances.

Door bell

What? You are here already. Although my home isn’t a mansion, instead of walking to the front door, my phone can do all the hard work for me and let you in. All I need is a system such as Ring, which enables me to see who is at the door, lets me speak to them and then decide whether I wish to open the door.

Smart TV

What would you guys think of finishing the day with a Netflix series or a movie? Evidently, it would not be a Smart Home with no smart TV. Bright TVs have a working system and net connection, therefore we can command them through programs and appreciate features like YouTube or even Netflix.